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From Kat To KC: My Testimony + Getting Rooted In My Identity In Christ

Hey Friends,

Doing posts like this one is always nerve-wracking because part of me is screaming “NO ONE CARES” while the other part feels obligated to give honor and transparency to where I am today.

Those who have been following my online work from the very beginning know that LaKatwoman was all about Fitness. The blog, however, allowed me to expand outside of the world of health and wellness and into the world of influencer marketing.

Truth be told, I have been collaborating with brands (and I mean, actually work together, without having to purchase their product) since my first year blogging. But, it wasn’t until I became a sponsored "influencer" receiving monthly workout gear that I knew things were changing for me. I remember I used to spend up to $250 a month from my husband's paycheck on workout gear when I was starting out. Thank you, Ellie Activewear for the opportunity. Would love to become part of your influencer team again! And to Fabletics, this partnership was a dream come true. Thank you for receiving me back even after almost a year away from social media.) Currently, I am also an ambassador for Wantable's Active Edit.

But what does that have to do with anything you ask? Well,I started finding myself confused as to what I was really doing online. I started out from my love for fitness and now I am posting about a moisturizer that you may want to try. I found myself pressured to post simply because of a brand deal / deadline. I enjoyed making content; but at the same time, wasn’t fully accepting seeing myself as a mere “social media influencer”.

Along with it, ofcourse, life continued and life happened.

From 2016-2019 I was going THROUGH IT.

Betrayal, Severe depression, PTSD, Rage, Separation, 2 abortions, Lack Mindset. Yaddi Yaddi Yadda.

This isn’t to say that my life throughout that time was terrible. For surely, I remember plenty of good things from those times, too. And a lot of the blessings that I enjoy to this day, manifested in that era. However, the trials of life were truly there and they affected me.

Add all of that to me working full time as a caregiver and me being a wife and you have an overly busy, can’t sit still, feels weird when-i’m-not-doing-anything, possibly crazy Kat.

I understand that I do not need to explain myself to anyone but one thing I wanted to be more conscious of, this time around, as I do work online once again, is to be more personable-- in a sense that my audience has SOME idea of what truly goes on in my life... I want to be relatable, not someone who is completely mysterious.

With that said, I am writing this blog post to share my journey from Kat to KC.

All of us (dare I say) had a unique experience in 2020.

But if you ask me what the highlight was, it isn't covid or quarantine for me. Truth be told, quarantine didn't affect my homebody person as much and I didn't really experience it since I work as a health care professional. So what is the highlight of 2020 for me?

The Highlight of 2020 for me is coming to KNOW Christ. Below is a recorded video of me sharing my testimony on how this came about.

Though this testimony above mostly talks about what lead me to Christ, the shift from Kat to KC came after Christ came into my life.

I dedicated my life to Jesus on April 19, 2020 which is a couple weeks before my birthday.

After my birthday, I decided to get off-line. It was a call I had been feeling for some time now and I finally surrendered, knowing it was the Holy Spirit's nudge.

I came to the realization that a lot of my issues stemmed from an identity crisis. I knew my name but I based my identity on what society said I was, not on who my MAKER said I AM. I based my identity on titles. I was operating on the ROLES given to me, not the ROLE I was made for.

I remember for a time, my prayer was for God to help me root myself in WHO I Am in Christ. I wanted to break free from the indoctrination living life disconnected from my maker gave me.

Because MY God hears and speaks, I started to see, know, and understand my TRUE Identity:A child of God! And because I am His child, I have POWER and AUTHORITY through Jesus Christ. I began to understand that the battles in our waking life are really spiritual battles that I can fight in that realm (meaning, without physical weapons), I started to see that my purpose is greater than the goals and dreams I had for myself. Then, I was given the revelation of why God gave some of his chosen people NEW names: God wants us to stop calling ourselves How we/they call/see us and to start calling/seeing myself the way God sees me.

KC did not come out of the blue for me. It was a name I had been using to call myself on the Bible App for at least the past 4 years. However, no one knew that besides me and the Bible App lol.

KC is just the initial from my first and last name. When the Shift from Kat to KC happened, it wasn't a switch to start calling myself by my initials... it was a shift to start calling myself who I truly am: Kat in Christ.


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