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A B O U T   L A K A T W O M A N

Hey guys, KC here. I am the woman behind Lakatwoman and I want to thank you for your curiosity in reading this page 😊

LaKatwoman’s humble beginnings can be found on Instagram, circa 2014, with Kat (now KC) making her first instagram post as a fitness enthusiast, sharing easy recipes and workout routines.  During that time, Kat was also in the process of receiving her first Fitness Training Certification under the International Sports and Science Association.

In 2016, LaKatwoman - the blog - was produced and published its first post: My Battle With Depression and Self-Harm.

Since then, LaKatwoman has expanded from the world of Fitness to blogging, modelling, and Influencer marketing.

It's worth noting that Kat gave her life to The Lord Jesus and became a born again Christian in April 2020 (read/watch my testimony here).

 Together with accepting her Savior, Kat received a new name that commemorates her identity in Christ: KC. 

Today, LaKatwoman is no longer just a fitness model, blogger, and social media influencer. She is your virtual friend and sister in Christ, covering topics from fitness,  fashion, health, wealth, marriage/family, and spirituality. 

There's no more niche, no more agenda.

Just me, KC.

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